HNR is a one the beat Lead Generation Company. We understanding requirement of our client’s  business and provide them various type of Leads.

  1. Hot Transfer Leads:  Here we generate the Leads from our clients requirement than transfer the Lead to our clients over three way conference call  where we give brief about the lead to our client. With this we provide Hot Transfer Link where our clients can see all the information about the lead. In Hot Transfer Leads our clients can explain to Lead about their company and how they can help them.
  2. Static Leads:  Here we generate the Leads for our clients requirement but not transfer over the phone but we will take call back time and upload that lead in to Link so when our client will free they can call the Lead and give us feedback about it.
  3. Appointment based Leads: Here we generate the Leads and take an appointment on behalf of our client and we will follow up the Leads until appointment will not done.

Benefits of Lead Generation

  • You get experienced and qualified sales professionals and support your business.
  • You can easily to judge the performance of your sales team with our quality leads.
  • Huge cost savings on training, recruitment and management of the sales personnel.
  • Your  team focuses on closing the sales rather than lead generation
  • Generating new opportunities in the global market
  • You can make intelligent marketing decisions
  • High sales turnover and ROI.